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In Ruta Transport’s fleet there are 165 vehicles which are adapted to transport dry bulk materials in silo semi-trailers. The fleet is systematically enlarged and improved to meet the needs of our customers in performing services. Most of trucks are in accordance with the EURO 5 or EURO 6 emission norm, whereas all vehicles are under constant GPS monitoring and are equipped with a compressor for unloading of transported material. Our technical centre takes care about all vehicles, to be ready to perform transport services in every moment.

Ruta Transport’s fleet

    • trucks manufactured by Scania,
    • non-tipping silo semi-trailers 34-37 m³ manufactured by Spitzer Silo-Fahrzeugwerke,
    • tipping silo semi-trailers 45 m³ manufactured by Spitzer Silo-Fahrzeugwerke,
    • tipping silo semi-trailers 60 m³ manufactured bySpitzer Silo-Fahrzeugwerke.

Features of vehicles

    • Independence of unloading
      Each truck is equipped with a compressor for unloading of transported material.
    • Permanent monitoring 
      Each vehicle is equipped with a GPS system, allowing for current monitoring of its location.
    • Reliability
      Our service performs systematic checks and repairs of all vehicles, which results in their excellent technical condition and low frequency of breakdowns.
    • Modernity
      We apply a policy of regular fleet exchange. At the moment, 60% of our trucks are in accordance with the highest EURO 6 exhaust emission norm, and totally most of them comply with the minimum EURO 5 norm.
  • Cooperation
    We have been cooperating with Scania (trucks) and Spitzer (silo semi-trailers) for many years. At present, 100% of vehicles in our fleet are supplied by those manufacturers.
Non-tipping silo semi-trailers 34-373

Trailers for transport of dry bulk building materials such as: cement, lime, meal, dry sand, fly ash.

Tipping silo semi-trailers 45 m3

Trailers for transport of dry bulk building, neutral chemical and feed materials.

Tipping silo semi-trailers 60 m3

Trailers for transport of plastic granules and other dry bulk neutral chemical materials.